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Played the game of thrones theme on my synth call that Stranger Thrones (or is it Game of Things?)

I just watched Thor: Love and Thunder. What a steaming pile of garbage. It only exists to make a lot of money and waste people's time so we don't kick up revolution. There is not artistry or craft. This has to stop.

Please take all Taika Waititi's money away so he can get back to making good movies.

do all the leftist/radical black technologists hang out online anywhere yet?

I want a discord or something but I have too many projects lol
"There is no space in America for Native artists to talk publicly about our work with each other. This festival will be that place, open to anyone interested in this extraordinary conversation. Join us for an inaugural event celebrating the beauty of Native literature and the legacy of James Welch, one of the greatest and most original of Native writers."

music request 

reply with the hardest techno you can imagine

u ever think about how thesis is pronounced thesis and antithesis is pronounced antithesis

Today's Lesson:
If you have a TODO list and in the course of tackling one of the items on the list you get totally knocked on your ass, adjust accordingly.

Love OR "the only thing keeping your life from being merely the result of a series of hastily scribbled digital marketing campaigns"

I'm fairly certain this last season of Stranger Things was a veiled rebuke of and I enjoyed it tremendously

global surveillance question 

Does anyone know if there've been any details reported about what exactly #NineEyes & #FourteenEyes countries share with each other? There's plenty about #FiveEyes online, but we can't find anything about the larger alliances other than their members.

trying to wrap this up 

Lastly…reflection and *rest* are no less important in fighting for a better world than any other part of life. An intense struggle often steals away the breathing room of those in struggle. When you have - or can make - space to relax, consider taking it as seriously as you take the choice to fight the powers that be, however you do.

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Ok fine. Just dropping this here and then that's it. No more. Not today, Satan.

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I am not gonna spend my weekend fighting with liberals.
I am not gonna spend my weekend fighting with liberals.
I am not gonna spend my weekend fighting with liberals.
I am not gonna spend my weekend fighting with liberals.
I am not gonna spend my weekend fighting with liberals.

I just saw an ad for a dash-cam (so far, so normal) which purports to be building out a public street view database. Like OpenStreetMaps, but for StreetView (okay, I'm interested, while a little concerned about privacy).

Also it mines cryptocurrencies.

My kid just a told me that people that give massages are called "massageonists"

"the culture of ‘access’ is obfuscating the fundamental questions of who controls culture and for what purpose."

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😭😭 Marcela Onyango absolutely killing it: "Victoria’s Secret has been forced to pay 8.3 million dollars in stolen wages to Thai workers. Turns out Victoria’s secret is that she steals"

Welcome home Sundiata!!!
From the Bring Sundiata Acoli Home Alliance:


Sundiata has given so much to us during his nearly 50 years incarcerated. Please donate today.

*All donations will go to Sundiata's family to care for him.

We ask you to give him time to be with his family and be in their embrace. We'll announce an official homecoming celebration in the coming weeks.

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