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So much music! Bookmarking for further study. I can attest to the Juçara Marçal album being dope as fuck.
The Adventurous Sound of the São Paulo Underground

Punk collides with jazz collides with neo-classical in the new sound of the Brazilian city.

Just received a gift: a Intuos Pro Large from Wacom. They plan to reuse on their blog some of my illustrations/tutorials (eg. on tablet ergonomics). They wanted to thanks me because all my content was already available for free on my blog under Creative Commons CC-By ☺️ So cool!

reply to this post every time you find a "but at what cost?" article

being married to me must be so annoying like he’s literally just in the next room & i’m sending him this

Ah dammit, happy belated birthday to Mutulu Shakur. 36 years locked up... #BlackAugust

i hate to ask after people literally just sent me money, but could anyone front me $30 for my meds?

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your help so far.

My meds are covered, we can afford some groceries but we need more to eat and we still have nothing to pay the power bill, we're already late for it...

My dog's getting older and would also need painkillers for his joints pain because it becomes difficult for him and pets meds are really expensive.

Please boost and donate if you want and can, you'd really save us.

Any amount is greatly appreciated, even 1€.

Thank you! 🙏🏻

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*Como os fungos constroem o mundo*
A Trama da Vida, de Merlin Sheldrake é tema do episódio-piloto do Põe na Estante [Ler Ciência], que recebe como convidados a bióloga Luiza Cheliz e o doutor em engenharia química Andreas Gombert, ambos cientistas pesquisadores de fungos.

Isso aqui é bom demais


🇧🇷 Presidente Jair Bolsonaro (PL), que tenta a reeleição, é expulso de churrascaria em São Paulo.

Ele estava acompanhado do empresário Luciano Hang, dono da Havan.



[AGORA] Policiais civis do Garra (Grupo Armado de Repressã a Roubos e Assaltos) jogam spray de pimenta para afastar praticantes de jiu-jitsu que protestam contra o assassinato do campeão mundial Leandro Lo. O suspeito é o tenente da Henrique Otávio Oliveira Velozo.


Played the game of thrones theme on my synth call that Stranger Thrones (or is it Game of Things?)

I just watched Thor: Love and Thunder. What a steaming pile of garbage. It only exists to make a lot of money and waste people's time so we don't kick up revolution. There is not artistry or craft. This has to stop.

Please take all Taika Waititi's money away so he can get back to making good movies.

do all the leftist/radical black technologists hang out online anywhere yet?

I want a discord or something but I have too many projects lol
"There is no space in America for Native artists to talk publicly about our work with each other. This festival will be that place, open to anyone interested in this extraordinary conversation. Join us for an inaugural event celebrating the beauty of Native literature and the legacy of James Welch, one of the greatest and most original of Native writers."

music request 

reply with the hardest techno you can imagine

u ever think about how thesis is pronounced thesis and antithesis is pronounced antithesis

Today's Lesson:
If you have a TODO list and in the course of tackling one of the items on the list you get totally knocked on your ass, adjust accordingly.

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