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Prosim z moje strani, da malo manj uporabljate "s strani" z vaše strani. #dostmam

five ways to ensure flood-risk research helps the most vulnerable. article in nature.

"While companies feign ignorance about marginalized users on their sites, these savvy users flip the script, developing strategic knowledge about the platforms they frequent. Strategic knowledge is an imaginative praxis that uses deliberate engagement tactics to feed algorithms, in order to specify which content should grace a user feed. As a foil to strategic ignorance, strategic knowledge is an affirmation that human recipients of algorithmic decisions can wrest power"

that is to say, people being selfish in a system that rewards them for being selfish is not evidence that people are fundamentally selfish

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cant believe it takes 5 guys to make a burger. i can make one easily

just once, i'd like to see a Godzilla movie that gets Clifford the Big Red Dog involved somehow

I'm kind of thinking to learn how to fly, letting the wind blow me far away with me controlling the direction.

You'll be faster then by bike, and have a footprint of the same, if not even smaller (cause you don't use roads).

I'll gonna ask some birds to teach me to become a flying pirate.

Flying from tree house to tree house, from mountain to mountain, to island to island, and if tourist booking stations remain open, I'll book some guided riot tourist tours too.

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people are saying that crime rates going down after a bunch of cops quit their jobs demonstrates their ineffectiveness but i think it's the opposite - it shows that the job of the police is to manufacture crime

Libs wanna make Jan 6th seem like a tragedy when it was maybe the best farce we'll ever live to see

I hate the beach.
It's like a hot sandy parking lot.
No one is happy there.
It is high work and low joy; just an endurance contest to be the last one to admit it is time to go.

the new uk policing bill is very bad for travelling people and they plan to do something about it this summer there will likely be many actions in protest so keep your eyes peeled

Inclusion is easier than justice.

If they're just giving it to you without even breaking a sweat, it isn't worth much. In fact, it's probably helping them immeasurably more than you.

Ryan Gosling is a thin-lipped dude steady trying to serve full lip energy.

Even the most radical of the classical (17th & 18th century) abolitionists continued to stan capitalism & colonialism despite the growth of socialist movements at the time. Here's one of the most well known, William Lloyd Garrison… @OCRbot

hi. if you are struggling to have basic art supplies, hmu.

daily reminder that pride is OVER stop being gay

JVC 3100R Video Capsule.
a neat pyramid shaped TV that folds and unfolds

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