"Warren embraces progressivism at home but not abroad, following in a long line of liberal chauvinists who elevate their compatriots over the rest of the world."


CW for the discussion of violent acts, including genocidal ones, that she's supported.

All revolutionary acts are unto the end of all revolutionary action, which is to say they are unto the end of a need for revolutionary acts.


Flying Squads is a youth liberation and anti-oppression collective. We believe in the abolition of divided spaces between young people and the rest of their community. This means that Flying Squads step out of the classroom and off the playground and into public space as a form of youth activism.

The term "modern love" makes no sense. Sentiment doesn't age.
There's no contemporary sadness or old-fashioned indifference or current hate.
Quit abusing language.

Privacy Reset: A guide to the important settings you should change now

From Facebook to Venmo, staying on top of your privacy starts with these key settings.


Obruni wawu means "the white guy died". Incidentally this is how people clown you if you walk out the house lookin busted, "What you dey do here wit 'bruni wawu?"

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‘Dead white man’s clothes’: The dirty secret behind the world’s fashion addiction

For decades, the West's unwanted fashion has made its way to used-clothing markets in Africa. Now it's fuelling an environmental catastrophe.


relacionamento possessivo 

Well, I imagine the wife feels threatened by you, no?

Imagine if we had put 20 years of effort into making the internet a safe and productive place for people to live their lives instead of optimizing dopamine output from each individual interaction

musing about work 

Yeah, the old "coercion is necessary" camp. I started unschooling with my son recently and people are like "How do you work all day and still find time to stand over him and MAKE HIM DO HIS WORK?" And I'm like "That's the whole thing...I don't.....and HE STILL LEARNS STUFF."

musing about work 

I always find it amusing whenever people ask "how would X get done in a non-state/non-capitalist society?" then list a bunch of jobs that they assume workers hate and would never do without getting paid...

but they always list jobs that, if they had ever talked to anyone working in that sector, would know that the people working that job love what they do. What they hate is usually the precarity, lack of adequate compensation, shitty working conditions, all things mandated by the profit-seekers at the top

Ed Sheeran's music and its consequences have been a disaster for open mics

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By the way, it’s been a year now since I started co-running this instance. I’m very glad to see that stereophonic went from mostly myself, @karolat, and a bunch of bots on the local timeline to an active albeit still small community :comfyjoy:

Love you, guys :akkosmile:

serious question for anarchists, not trolling 

Do y'all ever think about why so many anti-colonial movements (especially in the mid-to-late 20th century) identified officially with marxism rather than anarchism? If so, why do you think that is?

Just to reiterate, this isn't a rhetorical or trick question. We are genuinely curious if this is something you think about, & if so how you think about it.

serious question for anarchists, not trolling 

I am now curious about the distribution and translation of Marxist texts and ideas throughout anticolonial movements...what did they think they were getting into and what were the alternatives on the table?

The only movement I can point to that eventually "outgrew" Marxism is the Kurdish in Rojava. I've also heard tell of Black Panthers tiring of Marxist program toward the end....

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