Repair in K-12 Educational Settings
Saturday, October 1st - 15:30 in Brussels (9:30 a.m. EDT / 6:30 a.m. PDT)

Through presentations and discussions, we'll broaden our understanding of what repair in educational contexts might look like, addressing scope, objectives, implementation, relationship with other school subjects, and related topics. Q & A outstanding new resources for repair in educational settings will be offered.  

Register - Fixfest Repair in Education
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The Festival of Maintenance has returned! Join on 8 October from 10-4 BST
The themes this year are
* Maintaining hope: Creating kinship and bringing people together
* Maintenance and stewarding change: Planning for/mitigating climate change, land, architecture and the public realm
* Information Maintenance : nurturing truth and narrative through the web
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Thinking of launching a pickup artist style course. It will be one day and will consist entirely of drills that train dudes to quickly send and respond to messages

No games
No "chill"
All message

Listening to liberals on the radio talk about deepfakes. Why am I surprised that they think marching the FBI in to shut down research is a better idea than ending capitalism and nurturing scaled-down systems that engender high trust and cooperation?

"We are human beings subject to difficult circumstances but *we are not* the difficult circumstances." - Indigenous artist Cannupa Hanska Luger

Exactly. I only mentioned Žižek because I like his style and because I think there is something to this lie that people (mostly cis straight men) are essentially seeking women out for what previously were paid services by claiming they are offering the women some opportunity under the umbrella of ENM as some sort of subversive "movement"

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CW of the video: Argentinians partying on tv because of Elizabeth's death. Swearing, name calling and so on.

Sorry you got triggered. Looking at
@wilbr 's post here think you and I are talking about two distinct groups of people @danielscardoso

Yeah I'm getting the sense it is more people who "got the hallpass" as it were and not people who are involved (or even aware of !) poly community or philosophy or anything
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@jessmahler @olamina @danielscardoso to be clear I'm pretty much a normie but I'm also not ENM just on the outskirts. And yeah I'm sure many people especially on dating apps will use it as a term to make hookup culture seem sophisticated.

I don't think any of my practicing friends have time for meetups outside their own circles, and they seem just as frustrated by chasers and sleazebags in the dating scene.

"...a term to make hookup culture seem sophisticated."

This resonates!!
@jessmahler @danielscardoso

I'm not building any "philosophical analysis". I'm *looking* for one/some, because I've got suspicions.

I don't need to read history books to be suspicious of suspicious-seeming things.
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Who are the "big names"? My gripe comes from the glut of normies on dating apps saying they are ENM. Anytime normals get onto something like that I smell something neoliberal in the offing...

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@wilbr @olamina @danielscardoso
Historically strict monogamous societies are an aberration. Not quite as much of an aberration as mainly-polyandrous societies, but still.

That doesn't mean some folks aren't using historical dressing to push a capitalist agenda, intentionally or otherwise.

The more I think about it, the more complicated I think it is, with some folks doing exactly what @olamina is suggesting, and others drawing on other philsophies.

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