So much music! Bookmarking for further study. I can attest to the Juçara Marçal album being dope as fuck.
The Adventurous Sound of the São Paulo Underground

Punk collides with jazz collides with neo-classical in the new sound of the Brazilian city.

Ok fine. Just dropping this here and then that's it. No more. Not today, Satan.

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The Greenpoint Church Hunger Program in Brooklyn, NYC feeds hundreds of people and families in need every week. The program relies on a giant walk-in refrigerator for keeping donated food nice and cool. Unfortunately, the motor that keeps the fridge cool died...right after a donation of 500lbs of cabbage!

Replacing the motor is going to cost $2900. That's a lot of cabbage, right!? This is where you come in

Donate at type "motor" or "fridge" in memo

Why has Covid-19 had less of an impact in Africa?

More than a year into the pandemic, scientists have some understanding of why its impact in sub-Saharan Africa remains markedly lower compared to the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Sudan: Anarchists against the Military Dictatorship

Sudanese Anarchists Gathering Sudan: Anarchists against the Military Dictatorship December 31, 2021

(grain of salt cause but anyway)

Wow, gotta be careful about narc-ass neighbors!

"Families Probed for Child Neglect After Keeping Kids Out of School Over COVID Concerns"

The impact of child welfare investigations on already traumatized families can be severe: charges stay on records for decades and may affect future job prospects. Parents say they are trying their best to keep their kids safe and educated.

As Succession highlights, even with so much power and prestige on the line, real wealth has nothing to do with money. Intergenerational trauma is the great equalizer that makes even the most powerful among us small.

"...once you give children something that really interests them...they are likely to take off with it on their own. Once they are really into an idea, it is unnecessary to suggest the next thing to do..."

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I just found this amazing book in a free pile, Theater In My Head: How children learn through dramatic play. The story of an extraordinary theater workshop by Dan Cheifetz (1971, Little Brown).

The Raising Free People Network for liberatory unschooling and deschooling black folk (and folks of other colors!) is hiring a part-time Operations Assistant.

Life in the Stacks: A Love Letter to Browsing | The Walrus

Algorithms are integral to how we find and consume art. But old-fashioned browsing still has its benefits

"...I try to slow down, which, really, was the benefit of old-school browsing in the first place. Browsing couldn’t be done with the flick of a thumb. It plunged you into your entire body and set the body afoot, sometimes for hours, with no smartphone to check—and no easy way for others to check in."

From yesterday (!), Mitchell Verter on the philosophical idea that life springs from death rather than a mother. It runs through Hobbes and Nietzsche and many others.

 "consider men as if but even now sprung out of the earth, and suddenly, like mushrooms, come to full maturity, without all kind of engagement to each other." - Thomas Hobbes

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Colóquio Internacional “Piotr Kropotkin – Ativismo e Pesquisa” - 20/07 - Mesa 2

Mesa 2, 11-30 – 13.30
Moderador: Peterson Silva
Mitchell Verter - Mutual Aid as Maternal Solidarity
Andrej Grubacic- Mutual Aid, Exilic Spaces
Vadim Dertier

Post-neoliberalism: A new dawn, a new day, a new life

Just as the 1970s marked the transition from corporatism to neoliberalism, so the 2010s will be seen in retrospect as marking the transition out of neoliberalism to something yet-to-be-named

Nancy Jo Sales's new book 'Nothing Personal' about dating apps has mostly been confessional gonzo journalism-lite coupled with standard Dem-fem outrage, but this bit about dating apps stemming from longstanding fantasies from Pygmalion up through late 70s/early 80s sci-fi with lady sexbots is pretty great.

How to Live Without Google: Alternatives That Protect Your Privacy

Google tracking is more pervasive than most people realize. We show you some alternatives to Google services to limit your exposure.

Ivan Illich - Deschooling Society 

Ivan Illich's internet described

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Ivan Illich - Deschooling Society 

The poor in the United States are in a unique position to speak about the predicament which threatens all the poor in a modernizing world. They are making the discovery that no amount of dollars can remove the inherent destructiveness of welfare institutions, once the professional hierarchies of these institutions have convinced society that their ministrations as morally necessary....

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