I'm finally reading that bell hooks All About Love book. I thought it was gonna make my eye roll but it's actually quite good.

In the chapter I'm in, she introduces this idea of "cathexis" which is the moment a person or thing enters your sphere of concern. It is not the same as love but is often mistaken for love. That distinction is illuminating. She defines love as a force that wills you to want to be better for yourself or another person.

@olamina Ahhhh that's on my list! I'm in the last 45m of Teaching To Transgress.

@zee @olamina I read Teaching to Transgress last year and the chapter "Eros, Eroticism, and the Pedagogical Process" I got impressed because it've other perspective about the teaching and relationship between teachers and students.

@zee @olamina I'm teacher and I've changed my practice after reading this book.

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