Drug war 

From a Seattle Times article detailing the legislative debate over drug possession criminalization:

“Much of the debate on either side has focused on how to compel people with drug problems to get treatment, with some believing criminal penalties are necessary to force that to happen.”

It’s amazing to me that people really believe you can simply *compel* a person to solve their addictions...like, it has never ever worked that way.

Drug war 

It just forces people to try more desperately to conceal their addictions.

This is what this puritanical neoliberal society is always saying, "We already know you do (or are) the thing, but it is your job to keep it obscured."

People are arrested/imprisoned/killed for what the state deems "excess". Blackness, of course, is always already excess. Poverty is often already excess.

Whiteness is collective willful ignorance that supports a narrative of innocence.


Drug war 

Johann Hari's book Chasing The Scream is all about this.

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