Without a radical, transformative vision for the community and accompanying prefigurative praxis, people volunteering to do "mutual aid" and other survival programs are just unpaid minions of the state.

This is not to say the work can't be radicalizing, but without the above, it is not intentionally so.

Also, while I'm not arguing to leave people to suffer. Keeping people just at survival level isn't in and of itself radical. Mother Theresa did that shit; even though her reputation and access to resources could have supported true revolutionary change. She did aggressive work to KEEP PEOPLE IN POVERTY.

This is why a crucial part of radical practice needs to be a critical assessment of organizations and movements. If the local organizers are not operating with and continuing to refine and define radical principles unto a liberatory practice that jibes with what you wanna see in the world, DON'T FUCK WITH EM. Start your own thing or just keep looking.

Don't go to their dumb meetings or marches just to feel real.

Talk to your neighbors. Talk to your friends. Form a tenants group. Start a community playgroup or babysitting coop. Start a buying club.
Plant radical ideas at the center. At the start.

Create an accompanying study group. Enshrine a space for radical self-critique.

Care for one another. Good food, manageable speed, human scale.

Protect each other and what you've built -- from cops, from liberals, from the state, from private capital, from non-profits.

@olamina "Don't go to their dumb meetings or marches just to feel real." is a particularly incisive point IMO

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