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"Whiteness is a performance of ignorance."
- artist Kenya (Robinson) on Team Human

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Without a radical, transformative vision for the community and accompanying prefigurative praxis, people volunteering to do "mutual aid" and other survival programs are just unpaid minions of the state.

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Don't get involved in anything where people don't want to sit down and answer this question:

How do we address problems here?

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Black Lives Matter is an embarassment to our ancestors.

I don't know what to do with people who claim to be anti-state but sit around being disappointed in the government.

State failures are 👏🏾 op 👏🏾 por👏🏾 tu👏🏾 ni👏🏾 ties for my real ones.

Ciao everyone!

Do we know queer anarchist people/spaces in London?
Finding very hard to connect with anarchist spaces since the pandemic "started".

Please feel free to DM if you prefer.

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IFixIt gives the Framework Laptop a 10/10 in repairability. I watched their tear-down video and it's certainly the most user-friendly laptop to date when it comes to changing just ANY part! #linux #laptop #hardware #framework #ifixit

Life in the Stacks: A Love Letter to Browsing | The Walrus

Algorithms are integral to how we find and consume art. But old-fashioned browsing still has its benefits

"...I try to slow down, which, really, was the benefit of old-school browsing in the first place. Browsing couldn’t be done with the flick of a thumb. It plunged you into your entire body and set the body afoot, sometimes for hours, with no smartphone to check—and no easy way for others to check in."

Everytime I'm super high I'm reminded how Eduardo Kohn's How Forests Think: Towards an Anthropology Beyond the Human is important. This is the book of the year for 5 years already.

I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to your death my right to disagree with your right to say it

Merata on Netflix is a slow but beautiful watch. I am sad that I did not know much of anything about trailblazing Māori filmmaker Merata Mita before now. What an incredible human being.

#showerthought Billionaires can go to space, but it takes real people to get down to earth.

cuteness levels are holding at 73%

(73%) ■■■■■■■□□□

From yesterday (!), Mitchell Verter on the philosophical idea that life springs from death rather than a mother. It runs through Hobbes and Nietzsche and many others.

 "consider men as if but even now sprung out of the earth, and suddenly, like mushrooms, come to full maturity, without all kind of engagement to each other." - Thomas Hobbes

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Colóquio Internacional “Piotr Kropotkin – Ativismo e Pesquisa” - 20/07 - Mesa 2

Mesa 2, 11-30 – 13.30
Moderador: Peterson Silva
Mitchell Verter - Mutual Aid as Maternal Solidarity
Andrej Grubacic- Mutual Aid, Exilic Spaces
Vadim Dertier

Those brave souls who want to focus on life and living and liberation, bow to death with respect, and leave the dance.

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The American political "divide" seems to be a macabre dance with death. Liberals run across the floor desperate to escape death, throwing the commoners to the ground as they dart to and fro; while conservatives pirouette in the center, impervious to the myriad preventable deaths occuring around them.

From now one, whenever I hear someone preaching about tolerance and inclusion, I’m going to assume that person actually means taller ants and ink clusion.

No idea why ants need to be taller than they already are though :comfyxd:

reminder that you can try out any & all pronouns whenever you want to, regardless of your gender long as you don't challenge the ruling classes and current social order 😉

‘Noam Chomsky once noted that “it is only when the threat of popular participation is overcome that democratic forms can be safely contemplated”'.  - Slavoj Žižek on Peter Hallward’s Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide and the Politics of Containment, (2008)

Please share and support Sunny, a Black Trans Non Binary Disabled community leader. They’ve help run a Trans COVID supplies initiative and now they need help with survival after losing a job.


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