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Being an American liberal is a deliberate performance of ignorance.

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"Whiteness is a performance of ignorance."
- artist Kenya (Robinson) on Team Human

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Without a radical, transformative vision for the community and accompanying prefigurative praxis, people volunteering to do "mutual aid" and other survival programs are just unpaid minions of the state.

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Don't get involved in anything where people don't want to sit down and answer this question:

How do we address problems here?

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Black Lives Matter is an embarassment to our ancestors.

Rebuilding Jewish Anarchisms

May 9th, 7pm EDT/4pm PDT

This conversation between Cindy Milstein and Shane Burley seeks to re-engage the traditions of Jewish radicalism that informed so much of our revolutionary history and has become the seed of a spiritual revival in the 21st Century.

Autonomy is hiring for two roles:

- Data Visualization Specialist
- Quantitative Economist

Autonomy is a UK-based think tank exploring how waged work is organised, our fundamental beliefs about work, and determining/enabling solutions to the problems we face.

If you have any questions about the roles email

They welcome international applications as both these roles are remote-friendly.

Hollywood Lobbyists Intervene Against Proposal to Share Vaccine Technology

Industries that rely on copyright enforcement want to limit the scope of the World Trade Organization waiver.

“As COVID has undermined the livelihoods of creators around the [globe emoji], you want to further expand their precarity—in the name of justice?” Turkewitz wrote

victory! community collective action against deportation raids in Glasgow 

protest marches with the released men to the mosque to ensure their safety

I gotta be honest, Lauren on Couples Therapy getting in the weeds about her transition was useful. Also she wasn't hard on the eyes either 😍

I finally deleted my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

I just wanted to share that I am feeling free, these social networks were a threat to my privacy and my mental health.

Across Africa, an average of 397,000 doses is being administered per day. At that rate, it would take 11 years for 60% of the continent's population to be fully vaccinated (1% have one dose).

chani is hiring! benefits: Fully covered health, dental and vision insurance; 401k with a 5% match; Unlimited vacation plus a vacation stipend; Gender-based violence paid and protected leave; Unlimited menstrual leave for people with uteruses; An annual tech stipend; A personal and professional growth stipend; and A stipend to help you build wealth.

getting fired from the kinky business for tying up the executives under the guise of sexy bondage before throwing them off the roof

Why yes I did bingewatch Couples Therapy. People are so shockingly dull, but addictively so!

I'm becoming increasingly convinced that illegibility, deception and obfuscation are the moves...

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The Hologram: An open-source, peer-to-peer, viral social technology for dehabituating humans from capitalism The following is a short course to prepare us to become holograms, which is to say to develop and practice The Hologram as a method of organized social care and collective liberation. In a world where caring is criminalized...we need pirate practices that do not comply with the for-profit, nationalist, carceral healthcare systems...

The Mitchells vs The Machines missed about 500 opportunities to kick dirt in the face of Silicon Valley.

Such a squandered opportunity, but what do I expect from a Netflix movie 🤷🏾‍♀️

this poem has lived rent free in my brain since i first read it

"White people educate our kids in the way they want them to be educated, but I need [our kids] to speak the language," says Dujuan's grandmother, Carol."

A film about an Aboriginal boy's experience of school shines a light on Australia's failure to give all children a fair start.

I'm glad Kipo ended when it did but not how it did. Sigh

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