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Black Lives Matter is an embarassment to our ancestors.

The more I see Hank Azaria and all these rich white fucks from The Simpsons apologize about making bank off this racist bullshit, the madder I get. Don't put off to virtue (or any great ethical awakening) what is so obviously explained by economic imperative.

Acting As If One Is Already Free: David Graeber's Strategic Lessons for the Left (Or...Why Did the British Left Wast So Much Time Supporting Jeremy Corbyn Instead of Building Actual Power?)

Hot Take: Kids books with on-the-nose social justice messages are pretty much always terrible books.

Since closing on the #RealEstateCoop deal at the end of March, I've had a #Vermont food co-op and a #WorkerCoop reach out about possible projects that could use the model.

This is feeling promising... :D

im a trickster god of stealing time from my workplace

incarceration and virus 

Incarcerated and Infected: How the Virus Tore Through the U.S. Prison System

"The prison did not screen inmates consistently for the virus, and staff members did not wear masks or other protective gear while transporting and guarding sick inmates at hospitals."

Canada! Junior Q&A Tester position opened with no previous experience needed (which seems pretty big)

Today we had the first meeting of a small group of neighbours here who are up for greening the lane behind the houses. Adding benches, planters, and some art perhaps.

It's an expensive middle class neighbourhood where my dad lives and I'm staying for now and trying to get active.

I was quite pleased they were into reusing materials we already might have or can find, optimising for low quality soil, not seeking permission, being mindful of more isolated neighbours, and non managerial vibe.

I was brainstorming the care syllabus & co when I stumbled on this
"Pirate Care is a transnational research project and a network of activists, scholars and practitioners who stand against the criminalization of solidarity & for a common care infrastructure.
... inviting all to participate in a exploration of the mutual implications of care and technology that dare questioning the ideology of private property, work and metrics.

Does anyone #onhere have any anecdotes or experience with cases where fedi instances operators/community moderators had to deal with outbreaks of misinformation/conspiracy theories?

If this has occurred, how was it handled?

shenanigans surrounding America's previous president and co 

"I know what I make. I'm not too sure of certain things."

and also "Weisselberg conceded in his divorce testimony that his living expenses were mostly covered by his father. "

This rich people shit is so wild to me.

(Washington Post) Trump executive’s son was given sizable salary, generous perks, documents show

my queer activism rests on the notion that human beings deserve better than to have a sexuality

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